About Shelley

In 2002 Shelley decided to focus on kitchen design. Since a new kitchen generally led to some sort of renovation and that renovation led to other areas of the home …..custom cabinetry and renovation became her passion.

“My favourite part of the process is demo day, when I get to start with a clean slate. Then the magic happens!”

Shelley and her team at DeFrancisco Design co ordinate every aspect of the design and renovation process. All the details, from concept to completion, are taken care of. This includes space planning, moving of walls, structural issues, plumbing, electrical, flooring interior décor, cabinet design, installation and much more.


The Process

Bring us your ideas or simply tell us how you would like your kitchen or space to look and function.

First we listen, then we visit your home to evaluate the scope of work. Next we conduct a full consultation and go over budget and schedules. Finally we combine your vision with our expertise; the end result will be a resounding WOW!

Shelley and her team develop and manage a schedule that includes every step of the process from concept to completion. We’re done when you you’re happy.

The Renovation Consultation

What you think is a simple removal of a wall can lead into much more than you had anticipated.

Renovation Consultation will turn the wish list into the reality list, covering scope of work, actual costs, budget and scheduling. It will be the most important money you will spend when preparing for your renovation project.

If you choose to work with us we will deduct your Renovation Consultation fee from the project.

The Quickie Consult

The “QC” consists of a hour long walk thru offering solutions to a variety of items you need advice on, colour choices, floor plans, lighting, storage solutions, artwork, furniture placement, accessories, and project planning to name a few.

“I have never met a space I couldn’t help or double it’s storage.”